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Empowering Decentralized Finance
and Digital Art Since 2017

About Us

Welcome to Bitcoin Luxembourg, a dedicated non-governmental organization established in 2017 in Luxembourg, the heart of Europe’s financial sector. Our mission is twofold: to champion the growth of decentralized finance through innovative crypto projects, and to nurture the development of digital art through artificial intelligence.

As Luxembourg strengthens its position as a leading financial center in the euro zone, we at Bitcoin Luxembourg are committed to advancing the crypto industry. We envision Luxembourg as the future main hub of decentralized finance in the EU, harnessing the power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Our Pillars of Innovation

Decentralized Finance

Choosing Bitcoin’s blockchain for AFRQ was a strategic decision. Known for its solidity, reliability, and global adoption, Bitcoin’s blockchain provides the perfect foundation for AFRQ.This partnership symbolizes a bridge between the most established cryptocurrency and AFRQ’s innovative vision.

Digital Art and AI

In line with Luxembourg’s aim to become a key player in the contemporary art trade, Bitcoin Luxembourg has been supporting digital artists and AI-driven art projects since 2017. We complement Luxembourg’s local ecosystem, including the Freeport – the EU’s largest vault for art and valuables.

LUXB Utility Token

Your Passport to the Future
Join our visionary projects by subscribing to the Bitcoin Luxembourg's LUXB utility token. As a BRC20 token developed on the secure and universally adopted Bitcoin blockchain, LUXB represents the fusion of financial innovation and artistic creativity.

Why Bitcoin Blockchain?

Decentralized and Transparent

No single entity controls the network, ensuring security and transparency.

Limited Supply

With only 21 million bitcoins, it's safeguarded against inflation.

Strong Network

The most secure and stable cryptocurrency blockchain.

Widespread Adoption

The most trusted cryptocurrency, akin to digital gold.

The Unique Value of LUXB


Only 777,777,777,911 LUXB tokens, preserving long-term value.


Up to 18 decimal points for transactional flexibility.


Versatile in the metaverse for investments and trades.

Store of Value

Growing intrinsic value in an expanding metaverse.


Global exchange without governmental constraints.


Safe on the Bitcoin Blockchain, immune to physical damage.


Nearly impossible to counterfeit, ensuring integrity.

Invest and Explore

ICO Conversion rate

1 LUXB Token = 0.01 SAT

Empowering Decentralized Finance and Digital Art Since 2017

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